30. Sep, 2018

My week seven (G1) summary.

Yesterday I had to dig down deeply into the Linux bootloader environment, as my laptop was really slow and took several coffee breaks to come up correctly. When you are used to the normal fast Linux boot compared to my Windows 10 laptop at work, it was really tough to wait and taking action was urgently required. The standard bootloader file is 20kb, but mine was 1,900kb. After some cleanup with a file editor I was back to normal speed 😎.

After the repair I did focus on my presentation for the school activity on 11-Oct-18. In combining my slides from the May BOB2018 event and the material for the Easter holiday workshop that did not happen in the end, I came to an acceptable package quickly. Should be possible to fill 2.5 hours by adding two practical exercises. Will be interesting to see, how the students (age 16 - 18) and the teacher, who will be supporting me, react to my ideas. As all is on a voluntary basis should not be an issue and I will have some alternative ideas available, just in case.

Next week my team and I will be focusing on a summary of our interview results. It is just a 4 days week, due to the public holiday on 03-Oct-18 in Germany (https://www.visitberlin.de/en/event/2018-german-unification-day-street-party). The 1st review with the senior management is scheduled for 08-Oct-18 already. The topic is highly political as we do have a lot of different interests coming from the involved parties. On the other side a lot of the interviewed customers/users have a very clear understanding of the situation and a lot of technical solutions already in place, how to solve it, mostly hidden --> shadow activities 🤭. So the challenge is not to describe the AS-IS situation and possible solutions, but to formulate it in a political correct way and wording, sounds like fun.

Have a great week and enjoy your time:

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