7. Oct, 2018

The week eight (H1) summary ...

Did practice a new working model this week. Weekend - 2 work days - public holiday - 2 work days - weekend again. Sounds like an interesting approach and a lot of companies are seriously looking into this:

With more A.I. and robots in the workplace, this could be a first step to balance human work needs in the future? Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour-Workweek might be too much at the beginning, but could be an interesting long-term strategy, you never know -->  https://fourhourworkweek.com/ 

Tomorrow my team and I will be presenting a 1st summary of our interview sessions to the internal IT management team. Everybody is already curious about the findings and the direct feedback of the customer community. From what I know so far, listening will be worth it 😉.

The next week will also be the last week before 14 days autumn holidays, my first holiday since I started the new job. Will be a really busy week, but I am looking forward to the break.

I wish you a productive and sunny week, looks like a golden autumn: