11. Oct, 2018

On the way to digital transformation ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/de/roboter-frau-gesicht-weinen-3010309/ 

I had my school workshop today, 27 kids from the 10th grade, between 16 and 18 years old. More than 60% girls, what was the 1st surprise for me, but consistent with the audience in May, when I did the presentation two times at the BOB2018 event. According to the principal of the school the boys are dominating technical, media and computer courses and interest groups, but there was only a small group of them today in the workshop. Maybe the other boys did assume they know everything about the topic digital transformation already - no need to show up?

Anyway the content of the workshop was more around soft skills, understanding yourself and what are the personal gaps to overcome, to reach the targeted goals in the future? For a short introduction everybody had to describe themselves with pictures only. I planned to use the FREE pictures from https://pixabay.com/, but the access was blocked in the controlled school environment. The school by the way, top notch from an IT perspective, every student has an Apple IPAD available for free and really knows how to use it.

The 2nd practical part was a well known profession and studies test, the 2018 version, that did find much interest with the kids. In summary we all learned a lot and I have already been invited for the 2019 version of the Theme Days - profession and study orientation 👍.

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