18. Oct, 2018

All European meeting ...

The Welsh weather is still much better than expected, a really golden October. We are lucky travelers, no doubt about it.

Yesterday we had seen the sign on the left in front of an all organic shop that just opened some month ago. In order to avoid any plastic packaging you can use their paper bags or bring your own boxes to stow away your shopping. This is surprising, yes and no. I can still remember the times during my youth when you could exactly do this in the local mom-and-pop stores. Bring your own milk churn to transport fresh milk or buy e.g. potatoes by the piece and put them in your own basket. No issue at all.

Now there is much more pressure and control from the government with respect to health and safety in shops and all needs to be clean and protected in plastic. 😠 Great idea with all the plastic that is already in the oceans 👎.

So shops like the one we visited yesterday are trying to roll back the time, as far as it is allowed by the government. In the shop we have been visitors from Germany, the saleswoman was Welsh and she had another customer from Finland. A real European meeting (as long as the Brexit is not official) and we immediately discussed the situation around the BYOB (bring your own box) topic in our different countries. It is still difficult, but some first barriers are taken down and the government is getting more relaxed slowly but surely in all countries. Go on like this, as long as the customers are generating the demand for these kind of shops and keeping the pressure on their government, there is progress possible.

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