21. Oct, 2018

Week ten (J1) summary.

South Wales, home of surprises. You would expect to see this photo  http://www.visitpembrokeshire.com/explore-pembrokeshire/beaches/tenby-harbour/  somewhere in South Europe, possibly at the Italian Riviera or French Cote d'Azur, but it is round the corner here in Tenby.

One of several surprises we have seen here already, besides the October weather by the way. It did rain a little bit today, as it did last Sunday when we arrived, but around 5PM the sun and blue sky was visible again. Looking forward to a good weather forecast for next week, here in Wales and in Canterbury as well.

On a side note, I am currently doing a review of chapter 15 of the new book from Jurgen Appelohttp://startup-scaleup-screwup.com/ - all around hiring great talent for startup companies. A perfect fit to my headhunter activity, I could bring some of my experience into the comments I made. My comments did get me into a small fight with another reviewer, who disagreed with some of my sidenotes. Jurgen asked for proposals to shorten his text as he follows a strict number of overall words rule, what I did and the other guy didn't like. In my opinion Jurgen's core competence is not in the hiring business, why he should just mention best practices from other experts and shorten his own text. We will see how the final chapter will look like early next year 😀.

Wish you all a great next week with sunny October weather, I will definitely enjoy my 2nd holiday week: