28. Oct, 2018

The week eleven (K1) highlights ...

Well the holiday and summer is finally over. It is cold and dark outside now, this night we finished the daylight saving time, hopefully for the last time ever, and we are expecting the first snow in higher regions in Germany in the coming week. As a last reminder for the warm period behind us, a sunny picture today, with footprints in the sand and a kind of sunset (it was noon time when I took the photo).

We will start after holiday with a 4-day week tomorrow, as we have All Saints' Day on Thursday 01-Nov-18. A better way to get used to work again 🙂, the kids will love it as well. 

Looking forward to see, what happened with my project during the 2 weeks absence. My intern was in charge for it, a good way for learning by doing and to take responsbility. The earlier the better.   

Besides that no further plans yet. Have to get up to speed again with my headhunter activities after the last contract signature and the Christmas time started already for the retail business. Every year hard to believe, when you just came back from a sunny holiday and the shops at home are already starting to decorate in October and offer all the Christmas cookies and sweets.

We just passed the 76k overall reader number, so keep an eye on the counter, as #77,777 is not so far away anymore!!

Have a great and productive week next week, even when it is only 4 days 😋:

The word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. Carl Jung, Swiss - Psychologist July 26, 1875 - June 6, 1961