4. Nov, 2018

My week twelve (L1) summary ...

Keep the #77,777 competition in mind, less than 100 readers to go right now!!

The 4-day working week did pass smoothly and could be a good model for the future. some companies are already thinking about it    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/19/world/asia/four-day-workweek-new-zealand.html. Getting away from payment just for physical presence to appreciation of results and achievements makes a lot of sense 👍.

Coming back to work was easy and I did not really miss a lot in the two weeks I was on holiday. Next week focus will be on my project again, to make the right proposal for the next steps in the overarching objective.

During the last two days I was fighting with a Windows10 installation. We are an all Linux household, but for some small tasks Windows is still required, if you like it or not. As my Windows7 virtual machine was pretty old I wanted to install a new Windows10-64bit version, but needed a new Product Key for it. I found an official and cheap one, but the related ISO image was pretty old 😥. Low product price means more effort on my side, so I had to do a large Windows release update. Normally a 2+ hours activity, if everything is going smoothly, but it did not. And as always on the Windows platform no hint why something is going wrong or not happening at all. I did use the recommended hardware settings for my virtual machine, what was not sufficient this time. When I finally increased the assigned memory the update process came to a positive end. I know why I prefer LINUX 😉👍.

As the weekend is also for relaxing and having fun, some Carpool Karaoke videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ0uqCI0Vqr2Rrt1HseGirg) to look at. I did show the Paul McCartney one on 26-Jun-18, some more below. I like the setup in the car and it really shows the capabilities of the participants, sometimes hidden talents:

I hope you like the selection, depending on your age you might not know everybody 😉.