13. Nov, 2018

Can we agree to disagree?

Thanks to https://pixabay.com/en/right-wrong-button-thumbs-up-1712994/ 

Let's start with the sentence of the day - "We focus too much on artificial intelligence and forget to take care of natural stupidity first" 👍👎.

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Can we agree to disagree? Yes we can, depending on the culture and country we are living in. For much more details see https://simplicable.com/new/agree-to-disagree for example or ask Dr. Google 😉.

Some personal comments:

  • In consensus driven organizations, countries or cultures it definitely will not work
  • If you are working in global, possibly virtual teams it has to, because these kind of rules are not clarified up front in most of the cases
  • The general acceptance or expectation of different opinions in a team or organization are value add, sharing concerns is the basis for trust, motivation and success
  • Taking a greenfield approach would be the best option, but most strategies are either driven by the As-Is or To-Be status, as change is difficult
  • But keep in mind:
    • If the company or your organization/team decides to go one way, you have to follow and be loyal, if you like it or not - the good thing is you could mention your divergent opinion before 😉
    • Over a longer period of time you will be sometimes on the "winner" and "loser" side, it will keep the balance 
    • If not, you are in the wrong company, also an important insight

So try it and find out, how your environment is ticking. It is worth it !! 

Some links before I close:

Simon Sinek Notes to Inspire: "We would rather align ourselves with an average performer we can trust, over a top performer that we cannot trust."    https://startwithwhy.com/commit/the-science-of-why/