17. Nov, 2018

The new magic number is 3248 ...

I still can't believe that the last two week numbers did push the 5 weeks average high up in the air to 1,850. Last week I had 3,248 readers, I don't know why and how, but I really appreciate the interest and enjoy the positive feeling.

Busy days lately. Yesterday I was in a full day training about some legal stuff and in the evening we did go out to see a comedian in one of the famous and long-established theaters in Duesseldorf (https://www.kommoedchen.de/). In two hours we will be leaving to go to Bonn for the first round of the 2018 WDC Open World Championship Professional Ballroom Showdance (https://www.tanzbreuer.de/WM-Bonn/english.html). I am going out for ballroom dancing every Sunday with my wife and our trainer couple will be participating in the championship today. We will be there to support them, even when the chance to make it to the half-final or final is close to zero. 

Great leaders know that the total knowledge of those around them is vastly greater than everything they know alone. Simon Sinek

If you translate this to the Championship today: All the couples and teenagers from our ballroom dance club going to Bonn today, to support their trainers are much more confident and know their expertise much better, than the judges who will be deciding, if they make it to the next round or not. Showdance is much more show than dance, but in the end the quality of dancing drives the final decision, as it is much more difficult to judge the creativity and artistic impression in an objective way, it is all personal preference.

The chatbot is still struggling to make friends and convince with performance and expertise, hopefully it is learning quickly.

It's better to disappoint with the truth than appease with a lie. Simon Sinek 😉

This week I had a discussion with a colleague about my BLOG and the increased interest lately. One € for every reader would have been a nice income, even just 50 or 25% would have been fine. I was mentioning my idea to make an E-Book out of the last 2.5 years of blogging, but then he mentioned I do not have a clear thematic content. From my perspective this is excatly one of the Secrets of success, as it is always a surprise to read the next post. I have definitely preferred topics, but in the end you can make a good story out of nearly every content. Like ballroom dancing today.

Finally I would like to renew an inquiry that I tried last year already. As my BLOG hosting service company is not providing any further statistics besides the pure counter, it would be really great to know some more details about my audience. You know I like pictures and statistics 😙.  So if you are interested and willing to share some more insights, this is all voluntary so do not feel any pressure, can you answer the following questions and send them back to me via Email (rethinkandfocus@gmail.com), Comment or Guestbook entry?

  1. Which country are you living in?
  2. Are you a regular, some time or one time reader?
  3. What is the last BLOG post you can remember from my site?
  4. What is your preferred topic to read/learn about?
  5. How did you get information about my BLOG for the first time?

Thanks a lot in advance for sharing your insights, very much appreciated. 👍

Sometimes we give too much too soon. Sometimes we hold back for too long. This is our beautiful dance. Our imperfect dance. This is the dance that makes us human. Simon Sinek again, https://startwithwhy.com/commit/start-with-why-primer/