18. Nov, 2018

The week fourteen (N1) summary ...

As expected yesterday the WDC Open World Championship Professional Ballroom Showdance was a really great event and the 20 participating teams did show a wide variety of music and artistic interpretation, from e.g. James Bond, Mary Poppins to Barbie Girl. The results here  http://ergebnisse.dpv-al.de/WM-Bonn-2018/0-a-worldchsballroom/index.htm  

The best dancers did win in the end, 6 of 9 judges have seen them on the 1st place. The best artistic show (based on the opinion of the majority in the audience) was 3 times on the 1st place and made the 4th place in the end.

Besides that I did celebrate the new weekly high score and hope to get some feedback to my questions from yesterday. Would be really helpful 👍. Today we had the last really sunny and somehow warm day, still nice flowers in the garden. Starting tomorrow it will be getting colder and some first snow is expected in the higher regions.

Have a great week and Thanksgiving plus Black Friday in the USA.