5. Dec, 2018

Over the clouds ... in the clouds ...

Clouds by https://pixabay.com/en/sky-clouds-sunlight-dark-690293/ 

As I just saw the counter - only 81 readers to go to make the next milestone at #88,888 overall readers!! Get your screenshots ready and win a price 😉.

On my flight to Munich yesterday the captain was mentioning "prepare for landing" to the crew and I was looking out of the window. We were just in the middle of a huge cloud and you could not see anything. When I cannot see anything else than the cloud, what is the captain seeing? Possibly nothing as well? These are the moments when you can really appreciate technology and be happy that the plane knows the way and will find the airport, if you can see it or not.

Same discussion will come up when driverless cars will be more common on the streets. When the cars are able to communicate with other cars, the traffic signs/lights and even the street, you might not see anything through the window, but you will still reach your destination and it is all save. Most of the time 🤨.

Now I will go down to breakfast in my hotel. We had a project celebration yesterday and everybody needs a slower start today. After that I have to fly back early, to be at home in time for a private appointment that I am not supposed to be missing. A concert starting 07.30 PM, my birthday present 👍. Looking forward to it, will keep you posted.