6. Dec, 2018

We did it again ...


You did it again and passed another milestone, #88,888 this time, much faster than expected. The next milestone and target will be #100,000 overall readers of my BLOG now, really looking forward to this one as it will be a 6-digit number for the 1st time.

I am still thinking about an appropriate way to celebrate and when you would like to join in finding the right solution, maybe you can start to participate in my small questionnaire?

If you are interested and willing to share some more insights about yourself, this is all voluntary so do not feel any pressure, can you please answer the following questions and send them back to me via Email (rethinkandfocus@gmail.com), Comment or Guestbook entry?

  1. Which country are you living in?
  2. Are you a regular, some time or one time reader?
  3. What is the last BLOG post you can remember from my site?
  4. What is your preferred topic to read/learn about?
  5. How did you get information about my BLOG for the first time?

Thanks a lot in advance for sharing your insights, very much appreciated.