9. Dec, 2018

My week seventeen (Q1) highlights ...

Greetings from the Tasty Knitters. It was a really nice afternoon and a very tasty  roasted goose lunch as you can see on the picture. With 40+ guests and less than 10% men the focus was clearly defined - 5 hours of knitting and talking accompanied by a nice lunch. For me and the other three men at the table was it the other way round, we all had no knitting experience at all, more focus on the lunch 😙👍.

One guy was just listening and looking around, one was reading a book, one even was a laptop bringing a long. I did start my planning for the #100,000 overall reader celebration, with just ~10,400 readers to go. At the end of the event there was a raffle for wool balls and knitting magazines. Even one of the men was drawn, but he left before the raffle started, bad luck for him. All in all an event to remember and to come back next year 😋.

Besides 5 days working next week there will be a Christmas market visit with my colleagues and the Christmas dance ball of my dance club on Saturday. Year end and the holiday season is getting closer. If you have some spare minutes next week, more interesting material to look at, enjoy: