12. Dec, 2018

Freedom or Security?

Which side is the better one https://pixabay.com/en/animals-cat-bird-parrot-cage-2100629/ 

Freedom versus Security was one of the choices in the TV show with Frank Thelen yesterday. The kids distribution was nearly 50 - 50%, with good arguments for the one or the other decision. 

Next was the topic of failing, wounds from the past and doubts. Having them is no issue at all, we all have some experience there. How you react to it makes the difference. Do you just accept the situation or stand up and fight again?

Finally the question: Who do you want to be in the future? The kids had to handcraft a representation of their goal and pitch it in front of the group at the end. Interesting to see, how different kids between 15 - 18 years see the world and, what might be possible for them.

In the end everybody got three presents:

  1. Frank's biography as a book
  2. A symbolic credit card with endless money, to drive future decisions independent from the availability of enough money
  3. A green frog as reminder that everybody has to eat some frogs regularly e.g.  https://www.briantracy.com/blog/time-management/the-truth-about-frogs/

In summary a great new TV format, was added value for all three involved parties - Frank, the kids and the TV audience, including me 🙂👍.