26. Dec, 2018

Between the days ...

Winter picture by https://pixabay.com/en/winter-tree-christmas-balls-red-3853249/ 

Well the Christmas days are nearly over now and the next celebration is New Years Eve. Shopping was less stressful than expected and some people said it was really nice in the morning of the 24th.

We did proceed to follow the Facebook comments about the Christmas sing along, still consistent with what we thought before. Too much focus on the stars, to less on the audience singing on their own. The organizer of the event did comment as well in the meantime, did agree that there is still a lot of room for improvement and that everything will be better next year. The stadium singing event did work well in Cologne for several years and Duesseldorf wanted to adapt the concept and adjust it to the Duesseldorf way of doing things, due to the ongoing rivalry between the two cities   https://www.departful.com/2013/09/cologne-versus-dusseldorf-a-rivalry/ 

As the time after Christmas is also the time before the next Christmas, there are still 350+ days left to rethink the concept 😉. Just in case you have some days off for the rest of 2018, some material that might find your interest?

Life is all about evolution. What looks like a mistake to others has been a milestone in my life. Even if people have betrayed me, even if my heart was broken, even if people misunderstood or judged me, I have learned from these incidents. We are human and we make mistakes, but learning from them is what makes the difference. Amisha Patel, Indian - Actress Born: June 9, 1979