3. Jan, 2019

My own quote of the day and slogan for 2019 ...

As mentioned, let's start the year simple - with a motivational quote, always works well for me.

Had another winner dinner yesterday, to close the remaining tasks from 2018. A nice Sushi restaurant in Cologne :-)
So if you are interested to win a price or to be invited for a winner lunch/dinner, keep an eye on the counter. Next milestone is #100,000 overall readers!!

One of the outcomes of the evening was that I will be seriously looking into the idea to put an E-book together, about my BLOG posts so far and until the final release date. I will start with a simple setup and grow/improve over time - customer feedback is always welcome. Maybe I should be planning a small series already, like other people do as well.

If you do not like new year resolutions or did already miss some in the last 3 days :-) , try this approach from Tim Ferriss:

Forget New Year’s Resolutions and Conduct a ‘Past Year Review’ Instead