6. Jan, 2019

My week twenty one (U1) summary ...

Well two weeks holiday are over now, always much faster than expected, school and work start again tomorrow. Before we jump full speed into 2019, a quick and final recap of 2018. I did find a really nice format yesterday, thanks to Doug Neill and his Verbal to Visual Youtube channel and webpage.

You can follow the full story of Doug in his 12:42 minute Youtube video or the details in his Blog entry (last link above).

My 2 cents 😋 for 2018 and a 1st outlook for 2019 below:


  • Contribution
    • 2 presentations and 1 workshop with kids about skills required for their future
    • Gave some career advice and did find a new position for one of my candidates
    • 6 month working for my new company
  • Connection
    • Supported the VDI Nacht der Technik organization team
    • Got in contact with several talents to offer them a new job
    • Became a well accepted team member in my new department
  • Vitality
    • Did restart my table tennis activities with weekly training
    • Enjoyed the every Sunday ballroom dancing with my wife
    • Doing 7 - 10k steps every day, back and forth from the train station

6 days into the new year there is no detailed plan yet, but some ideas below 😙:


  • Contribution
    • Prepare an interactive presentation around the digital transformation topic for kids and their parents
    • Putting my first book together, based on the content of my BLOG. My mother finished her version already. She did put all print outs together in one binder lately 🤩👍.
    • Working successfully for my new company, placing some more candidates with my key customers as part-time right placement adviser
  • Connection
    • Proceed to supported the VDI Nacht der Technik organization team, the first event is confirmed for 05-Apr-2019   https://rhein-wupper.nacht-der-technik.de/ 
    • Get in contact with more kids and their parents to support them finding the right approach for their future in the work environment
    • Build more contacts and relationships in my new company
  • Vitality
    • Proceed with my table tennis activities during weekly training
    • Enjoy the every Sunday ballroom dancing with my wife
    • Doing even more steps every day, regular walking, staircases, etc.

A really easy to use model, I found it very helpful for me. As looking backward and forward has a lot to do with your comfort zone, you might like the following picture from The Wealth Hike at https://www.thewealthhike.com/, I do 👍: