11. Jan, 2019

The return of the best agers ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/en/chevrolet-corvette-1962-cabrio-3696644/ 

Just had an interesting and funny discussion with a headhunter this week. He did offer me two positions in the Automotive industry in the northern part of Germany. One of the two was the "famous" Diesel engine company with the bad press in the moment. I told the guy it is not the right region, company and that I am a best ager, who is possibly not in the target group for the positions anyway 🙂 - my personal learning and experience from the last two years.

He was amused about my response and mentioned that his company is successfully getting best agers into new positions on a regular basis, mainly executive positions. It is just a matter of how you define successful and regular I would say? Is it one best ager per week, month or year and how many other candidates are they placing with their customers in the same period?

There is definitely an increasing demand for alternative hires, because on top of the 82,000 IT position that could not be filled in Germany by the end of 2018, an additional 40,000 new IT positions are expected for 2019 and need to be staffed as well. Digital Transformation is driving the demand according to bitkom http://www.bitkom.org/EN 

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