13. Jan, 2019

The week twenty two (V1) highlights ...

Small add-on to the 2019 Trends story from yesterday:

Besides that the 1st week back to work after two weeks holiday. As the majority of all the other colleagues and employees have been on holiday as well, there was not a lot to catch up - really great and a smooth start 🙃👍.

Highlight of my week was the latest OTA-7 release of Ubuntu Touch https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubuntu-touch-ota-7-release-192, my mobile phone's operating system. It is still the best and most stable phone and environment I ever had. Unbelievable that the UBports guys (https://ubports.com/) are doing this in the full Open Source mindset, motivating helping hands around the globe for a common goal, in their free time and mainly without any compensation.

They are purely focussing on the basic functionality that you need to be productive, no fancy stuff, nothing for distraction 😮. Ubuntu Touch is far away from the iOS and Android mainstream, but this is also the beauty and advantage - small, focused, motivated and getting more and more professional over time - give it a try, when you are interested in technology and like to be less mass market.

Reduced functionality is also a good start towards Digital Detox.

Have a great week ...