18. Jan, 2019

Be open for change, it does not hurt ...

Change by https://pixabay.com/en/change-decision-choice-direction-2930404/ 

The new year resolutions are always a good initiator and driver for change. You should be open for change between January and December and not only between December and January 😉.    This is easier said than done, I know.

Today morning I did a customer visit and we discussed the last year and how their hiring had to be adjusted. A new employer branding attracted more talent to apply directly, two internal recruiters guaranteed a constant funnel and still working with several headhunter companies closed the remaining gaps. We also touched the best ager topic, the 50+ candidates. Both sides need to change and have to be flexible, to come to a common agreement. This is e.g. related to the new job description, the role, the team and salary. You should/can not expect to keep everything, when you are applying for a new position after 10 - 20 years, but did not keep your knowledge up to date and had regular trainings. 

Same applies for the employer. They have to be open for several generations in the work place, different expectations and requirements, to close their staffing gaps and be attractive in the war for talent. From my personal experience I can say that the pressure to change on the 50+ candidates is still much higher than on the employers, but this might change sooner than later.

A really good example for a long-term drive for change is the History of Women's Suffrage, we will have the 100th anniversary in Germany tomorrow. 19-Jan-1919 was the first election, where women could vote and be elected:

To properly prepare for the weekend 🙂 some interesting/funny videos to look at:

True strength is the courage to admit our weaknesses. -- Simon Sinek https://startwithwhy.com/find-your-why/ 

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