20. Jan, 2019

My week twenty three (W1) ...

Great picture this time by http://www.le-bdouin.com/behind-every-great-man/  - Behind every great man, there is a mother!!

During the weekly phone call my mother told me the following story, when we touched my BLOG and the idea to make a book out of it. Mum and Dad are married for 57 years now and they are working hand in hand, a great symbiosis - both are 80+. My father is printing the posts and helps my mother with understanding some of the more technical topics and when she is missing some of the words to understand the content, as English is not her mother tongue. 

To keep their brain busy they are solving challenging crosswords together on a weekly basis. In one of the last crosswords a US president with "R" was missing. My mother remembered that I had written a post with a link to all the US presidents some time ago, to be clear it was on 22-Jul-16. She found the post in her ordered print outs and entered Ronald Reagan into the crossword. Unbelievable - without Google or any #Hashtag - she found the right post by turning over page by page. According to Murphy's Law  http://www.murphys-laws.com/ it is always one of the last pages you are looking at, independent from which side of the stack of papers you start 🙂. What a great support from Mum and Dad for my BLOG, very much appreciated and additional motivation to deliver good stuff to the audience.

Behind every great man, there is a mother!!

I don't see me as a great man, but Mum is definitely behind me 🤭👍.

Coming back to the US presidents topic and the 10 year challenge from yesterday. On 20-Jan-09 President Obama did deliver his 1st Inaugural Addresshttps://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/blog/2009/01/21/president-barack-obamas-inaugural-address. Ten years later President Trump is starting into his 3rd year as US president. The opposites can not be much bigger, from what I can judge out of Germany.

Back in the office tomorrow my team mates and I will go to a new office space on the 2nd floor. Over the last weekend we have been moved, as the previous space on the 1st floor was not large enough to seat the whole team. In the mindset of "the higher the more important" we are well on track to make it to the TOP on the 18th floor. I possibly have to skip some floors in between, to make it to the top before retirement. What a funny idea 😙.

Wish you all a funny week, we are expecting real Winter temperatures next week. Finally: