25. Jan, 2019

Personal Development ...

Just 715 readers to go to reach #100,000 overall readers, what a great milestone 😙

Greta's initiative, to take Friday off from school to go on strike for the climate change, was a topic in the local TV news today. The parents are trying to support their kids as good as possible and write official apologies to the schools, and the schools just follow the official guidelines and do not know how to handle the growing number of cases every week.

It should be clear that the kids have to catch up on the topics they are missing on Friday, but it has to be appreciated that they are taking initiative, responsibility and want to be more active in politics. As in most similar cases, when small initiatives suddenly become a hype/trend, the environment is unprepared. Same here, schools and public authorities have no idea so far, how to react to it.

As this somehow relates to Personal Development, check this out:

What I see in my projects lately is that you sometimes have to put more weight on skills that are available, but not used too often. Persistence, patience, proper documentation and following up regularly. It is giving other people a hard time and they are seeing you as a pain in the a**, but results count 👍 and make both sides happy in the end. Sometimes people just have to be forced to their luck.

If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development. Brian Tracy, American - Author Born: January 5, 1944https://www.briantracy.com