27. Jan, 2019

The week twenty four (X1) summary ...

Looking for the goal with https://pixabay.com/en/search-to-find-long-term-goal-1019904/ 

Did make a lot of good progress this week. With my project at work - reaching 90% - the posts about skills and personal development, the 1st version of my eBook and coming closer to #100,000. Just 367 readers to go just now, keep reading 😉.

I did read the following quote today from Kasper Rorsted, Chief Executive Officer of adidas AG, https://www.adidas-group.com/en/group/executive-board/ - "We have surpluses in Germany's government finances, but our school system has shortcomings that are not getting any worse". Kasper is born in Denmark, a different size country with another education system that is in front of the German one from a global ranking perspective, see https://www.master-and-more.eu/en/top-40-education-systems-in-the-world/ - and he is perfectly right!!

The responsibility for schools and education is with the 16 States in Germany and not with one central ministry in Berlin. This is an issue for decades in Germany already, political parties driving their strategies and spending money for their ideas of the best possible education system. Different by State and never aligned for a common goal and education standard in the interest of all kids. No clear direction how to spend the available money for the necessary digital transformation in schools, how to educate teachers for a changing world and what kids should learn for their personal future and the future of the country. This needs to change as quickly as possible, but the politicians are still not getting the point as Kasper did already.

In the mindset of skills and personal development, kids have to take the initiative in their own hands 👍, independent from the politicians, as my daughter is doing it in the moment. She started to learn the Norwegian language, how she wants to do it. With her own pace, her own selected supporting material and media, and a subject she decided about for her own. Respect.

Have a great week and check this out: