29. Jan, 2019

Finally reaching the 6-digit milestone ...

Great celebration with a bottle of sparkling wine and a 100,000 cake at home. The whole day my colleagues and I have been watching the counter coming closer to the 6-digit milestone. My wife did the same at home 😙. Finally at 05.31 PM today the counter reached #100,000.

CONGRATULATIONS!! To you and me, well done.

The official price will go to one of my colleagues for a screenshot of the counter at 100,002. The family internal winner is my wife at 100,001. Next milestone is six times the "1". Watch out.

You need to set near-term milestones. Put the assumptions down on paper, and make it to your vision or ultimate product. Your team has to understand where they're going. Your partners need to understand where they're going. Tony Fadell, American - Inventor Born: March 22, 1969

Some facts about the 100,000 milestone from today: