31. Jan, 2019

Generating demand ...

Optical illusion by https://pixabay.com/en/head-brain-thoughts-human-body-1965675/ 

Nearly 500 readers in two days and a 1st interested reader, who did ask for a copy of my eBook V1.0.

For the benefit of everybody and to celebrate the #100,000 you can grap a copy of my eBook V1.0 version for FREE during the next 10 days. Just send an email to rethinkandfocus@gmail.com, if you are interested. The offer is valid until 08-Feb-2019. Just give it a try 🙂.

The good thing with the 1st interested party was an end-to-end check of the process. We found a nearly invisible error in the email address. Has been fixed in the meantime.

You possibly remember the discussion about the digital transformation in the schools in Germany. The central government wants to spend 5 billion € for the schools, but the states are not agreeing to the central initiative. In the mediation committee they did not come to a common opinion/agreement so far and decided to initiate a working group - "If you do not know how to continue, start a working group". Luckily we do not have any time pressure here and can wait until the politicians make up their mind 🤒.

Another topic is AGILE. It is cool, the new way of working and seen as an enabler for digital transformation, plus many more promises, rumors, prejudices, etc. - I do not want to sound too negative here - "Oh man, this baby boomer does not really get the new generation's approach" - but some approaches are just not working. More and more Squads are running 2 - 4 week sprints, creating MVPs (minimum viable products) in several iterations and so on. Suddenly they become dependent from sensitive departments like network connectivity, security, data privacy and company data. All teams that are taking a more conservative and time consuming approach with clearly defined processes and policies. The conflict is inevitable.

Some videos to close for today: