3. Feb, 2019

My week twenty five (Y1) ...

Looking forward to the Super Bowl night with https://pixabay.com/en/football-player-man-human-sport-260556/ 

A quick reminder about the current nomenclature of the weeks. We have 26 letters, what is good for half of a year. So I will use A1, B1, C1, ..., Z1 for the 1st 26 weeks and surprise, surprise A2, B2, C2, ..., Z2 for the 2nd half. 

Another successful week did come to an end. Passing the #100,000 reader milestone, the 1st interested party in my eBook V1.0 and the 3rd place of my daughter yesterday.

For the Super Bowl tonight all is prepared and I am looking forward to an interesting game. The best agers - Bill Belichick (5 Super Bowl wins) and Tom Brady (5 Super Bowl wins) - versus the young guns - Sean McVay (0 Super Bowl wins) and Jared Goff (0 Super Bowl wins) - experience against the motivation to become an overnight success story. We will see ...

Thursday I will be visiting the Digital Demo Day 2019   https://digitaldemoday.de/  in Duesseldorf - "Digital Demo Day 2019 is the biggest startup product show for B2B Industry Tech & Services in NRW and your place to make highly valuable business contacts, e.g. with Googel, Henkel or IBM Watson!

More than 125 Tech startups from the area of Industry Tech & Services – VR/AR, IoT, robotics, AI, blockchain, and cyber security – present their digital innovations to touch and try out."

I will summarize the highlights for you, like I did last year, see my 02-Feb-18 post for reference. Wish you all a great week and a nice Super Bowl game, if you see it:

If you're on a bus and going down a snowy mountain like in Tahoe, and the bus loses its brakes, where do you want to be sitting? Immediately, you all think, 'In the back.' But in the front would be the correct answer. As a quarterback, you want to take control of it. Jared Goff, American - Athlete Born: October 14, 1994 - Los Angeles Rams quarterback tonight.