6. Feb, 2019

Why should the customer be king?

High technology by https://pixabay.com/en/telephone-phone-vintage-antique-167068/ 

You possibly experienced this as well? Telecommunication service providers are promising and selling you the latest and greatest technology, but their customer focus is still on the level of the phone on the picture 😉.

I did cancel my last service provider contract some month back and the change date was scheduled to be next week Monday. Due to the history of the telecommunications market in Germany and the change from a government owned monopoly to a diversified market with several big players in the meantime, all change has to be maintained by the former monopolist, if you like it or not. This morning they decided to cut off our telephone and internet connection as preparation for the change on Monday. Sounds like a really high technology process and "the customer is king" approach. 5 days without connection in 2018.

The future service provider was smart and customer focussed enough to assign us additional 100GB data volume for 30 days, it was just 15 minutes waiting in the service hotline and a 3 minute conversation on the phone including immediate assignment of the volume. 👍

Really bad that there is still this dependency from the old monopolist, even when you are not a direct customer anymore, for more than 12 years in the meantime 😠.

Looking forward to Digital Demo Day 2019 tomorrow, great talks and more than 125 Tech startups, https://digitaldemoday.de/. Will keep you posted.

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