8. Feb, 2019

Digital Demo Day 2019

See https://digitaldemoday.de/ for official details.

As promised my personal and subjective summary of the visit and collection of topics that I picked up yesterday. I hope you like it and find added value for yourself?

Key Topics for the Startups participating: 3D printing and quick prototyping, Cyber and Data Security, anykind of Sensors, Factory IoT (even for bar/beer, refrigerator and agriculture), desk less workers, co-working spaces --> https://digitaldemoday.de/exhibitors/  

They had 2500+ registrations this year, it was the 3rd Demo Day and all presentations in English language. It started with a short introduction and opening by Thomas Geisel, the Mayor of Duesseldorf followed by Armin Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. No jokes about politicians, but Armin was really struggling with his speech. Too high level in English and a collection of the word digital, possibly 20+ times in less than 10 sentences. One example: "The Government and public services need to keep up with the speed of digital transformations". Let's go on with the presentations I listened to:

When you made it up to this sentence, thanks for reading. Very much appreciated 👍.