14. Feb, 2019

Good things are coming back ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/en/stamp-save-the-date-red-memory-3047232/ 

If you are living close to Duesseldorf, you are flexible to travel in Germany or Europe, two events to keep in mind. If it is too far away from you, might be a good idea or opportunity to initiate something similar?

The Startup-Week Duessldorf  https://www.startupwoche-dus.de/en/ is scheduled between 05 - 12-Apr-19, the detailed program and tickets are available from next Monday (18-Feb-19) onwards. I covered the last year event in two posts (18/19-Apr-18).

The next Future of Leadership (Salon)  https://www.futureofleadership.salon/salon2019 will be happening in Duesseldorf as well, but later this year on 04-Jul-19. Tickets are available already, I covered my last visit in a post on 29-Jun-18.

Possibly I see you there, you never know 👍🙂.

For the Valentine's Day celebration, think about this one - Simon Sinek:  "The best definition of love I ever heard: giving someone the power to destroy you & trusting they won't use it."

If you are thinking about a reorientation, some good hints:

For some really helpful and motivational quotes, see:  https://dms.licdn.com/playback/C4D05AQECkMmRKgJgUQ/6fdc6fb6e3cf43448d3ff90997859659/feedshare-mp4_3300-overlay/1507940147251-drlcss?e=1550253600&v=beta&t=SXl4FMIAV_qnXPlITW26piHl-zKiEg-4N9oxE-CyzGU