25. Feb, 2019

Administration versus Adventure ...

Guenter by http://guenter-prinzip.de and https://www.gabal-verlag.de/media/fs/28/Factsheet_G%C3%BCnter,%20the%20inner%20pigdog.pdf 

Yesterday evening I was out with my wife for a "Keynote Dinner". A combination of World of Dinner (nice meals at great locations combined with an interesting event  https://www.worldofdinner.de/) and GedankenTanken (great keynote speeches for any kind of topic  https://www.gedankentanken.com/).

Our location was Schloss Bensberg  https://www.schlossbensberg.com/, really nice and the topic was Guenter - your inner pigdog. Just a word by word translation, but I am not really sure, if this rings any bell with you, as the native speakers might call it differently? Even more funny is that I did find a related article with two pictures of a pigdog that roughly covers the content from yesterday evening. See  http://www.beamsandstruts.com/articles/item/842-pigdog 

Anyway, to avoid any copyright issues, just a very high level summary. You should see your inner pigdog in a positive way, as you can see on the left. Your life is balanced between the Administration way (same procedures, approaches, recurring activities, the daily routine, etc.) and the Adventure way (something new, unknown, 1st time approach, etc.) of doing things. If you want to change anything in your life, you have to start with an adventure. Leave your well-trodden paths and make the first steps into a new untouched terrain. Sounds easy and it sometimes is, but in most cases the motivation is missing. You have to make the first step and the motivation will follow. Because your life is shorter than you think.

Some approaches and material that were used and mentioned during the key note speech:

"Not taking any risk to change, is the biggest risk at all" Anonymous

Guess what, this is the Simon Sinek Note to Inspire from today - "To be innovative, we can't look to what others have done. The whole idea of blazing a path is that there was no path there before." What a perfect fit 👍🤭.