27. Feb, 2019

You might agree or disagree?

As with Statistics, where you can use the same set of data to support opposite directions/opinions, you can take a similar approach with Quotes.

The quote on the left promotes a team setup I would say, but a lot of people will still say "I am better off alone". I found the quote together with the following article - Leadership & Integrityhttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/leadership-integrity-francesca-anoja/ - Do not underestimate the impact of the "Leader" on the performance of the team 😙.

To support an opposite direction, one of several quotes: "You throw a rock in the water, and ripples spread out slowly. But they do go far." Sebastian Koch, German - Actor Born: May 31, 1962

I have another one 😎:  "Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute ..." Anonymous - "But if you think about it - perhaps it is truly the FIRST MINUTE that makes one more productive - because often STARTING a project is the essential step."

Sounds very much like an IT mindset - "IT teams work best under pressure", "no complaint is enough praise". In the end it is the team spirit and leadership that makes a team successful. If this is not working the team will go nowhere and not reach anything. 

Some stuff to think about: