10. Mar, 2019

My week thirty (D2) ...

Not a lot of time this week for BLOG posts, but much more time for good food 😙. Yesterday an invitation from an Indian colleague for a three course Indian dinner. Really great and a lot of respect for all the different dishes and tastes 👍.

Today my wife prepared a so called "Bergische Kaffeetafel" see picture on the left  https://www.dasbergische.de/de/die-region/typisch-bergisch/bergische-kaffeetafel/index.html for my pen friend from Scotland, his son and a friend. The three guys are visiting the Cologne - Duesseldorf area for a short extended weekend trip, as long as the UK still allows free travel to the European mainland 😋. Respect as well for the preparation of all the small pieces that make up the overall coffee table in the end. Some of the preliminary tasks did already start yesterday.

A perfect fit to the topics of this week - skills, parenting, leadership and mothering - as my wife and colleague did the planning, prepartion and execution on top of their weekly activities. Expertise, experience and the right combination of parallel and serial tasks did lead to a great result in the end. 

As mentioned earlier this week the #111,111 milestone is coming closer, only 1,317 readers to go just now. I had 1,970 readers last week, so we possibly see the next winner already during the week? Get your snapshots ready and do not forget to send it to the email address referenced in the header above!!

Besides that I had the 1st request this week for a GDPR/DSGVO compliant data deletion from a candidate that I did look after in my role as right placement advisor. He did really check all the necessary details, as he could clearly state and reference the paragraphs and timing in his request.

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