17. Mar, 2019

The week thirty-one (E2) summary ...

Just passed the last milestone on 14-Mar-19 this week and today, only 3 days later there are 712 readers more on the counter, GREAT 😙👍. Covered a lot of different topics in my BLOG last week and enjoyed some celebrations. The coming week will be very busy.

Tomorrow evening the next preparation meeting for the 1st VDI Nacht der Technik Rhein-Wupper (happening 05-Apr-19 from 06.00 PM - 12.00 AM) https://rhein-wupper.nacht-der-technik.de/ is scheduled. The official program, tour planning and ticket sale is online since the official press conference on 12-Mar-19. Tuesday/Wednesday I am on a business trip in Munich and Thursday I will be helping the kids in the school of my youngest daughter to plan their participation in the VDI Nacht der Technik, some marketing is definitely helpful.

All schools in the three participating cities are my key customers. To give the kids the possibility to get in contact with local STEM/MINT companies for a future internship or education. As well as helping the local companies to have an interested audience for the presentations and shows they have prepared in the past months. Will be fun.

Another activity around schools is my current plan to support the Vodafone Foundation  http://www.vodafone-stiftung.com/vodafone_foundation_germany.html in their Coding for Tomorrow initiative https://coding-for-tomorrow.de/. The idea is to help them in the teacher education around digitization and digital transformation in the daily lessons. I will be starting with joining a teacher education event in early April, to see how the program is working. Will keep you posted.

Wish you a great next week and there are 1st signs that spring time is coming shortly: