2. Apr, 2019

Time is a long-term investment ...

Long-term investment by https://pixabay.com/photos/money-coin-investment-business-2724241/ 

Today afternoon was my participation in the teacher training by the Coding-for-Tomorrow Team. 20+ primary school teachers did participate to get an introduction to the digital world and basic programming. The classes of some of the teachers are already visiting the HUB in Duesseldorf on a regular basis, the others wanted to work on their digital media concept or just planned to catch up with their pupils. Great teaching material is free to download from https://coding-for-tomorrow.de/downloads/ (sorry only in German). 

In order to avoid too one-sided advertisement, some alternatives for great material  https://getyourwings.de/ and https://appcamps.de/mission_english/.

It was a great experience to see the trainers, the well prepared environment and material, plus the key issues of the digital transformation in our time from an individual and authentic teacher perspective. Besides the more technical challenges to understand all the digital media topics and programming requirements, the biggest drawback is the missing time of the teachers during a day, week or month. It is already difficult for them to free up the time for the two training sessions, 2 times 4 hours.

Making dedicated time available, and when it is only 30 minues per day, will be a long-term investment for the teachers as well as their pupils, and the basis for a lifelong learning approach and mindset. BUT this is easier said than done 🤔. 

In summary it was a great experience and I am very much interested to support the Coding-for-Tomorrow team later this year. The more training offers are available, the better for the teachers 👍.

Some stuff we used during the training session, have fun 😀: