7. Apr, 2019

The week thirty-four (H2) highlights.

As already mentioned the week has been finished with a successful technology night on Friday. The 2nd technology night in the Rhein-Wupper region will be on Friday 02-Oct-2020. Still some days to go, but good to have the next appointment scheduled far in advance.

At work the IT reorganization did go live last Monday and the 1st week was motivated by getting to know the new team members and to hand over old tasks to other people in different departments. Will take some more time as nothing should be dropped. Coming Friday we will do a project walk-through, to get a common understanding of the goals, roles and responsibilities of the team.

On 05-Apr-19 the Startup Week Duesseldorf https://www.startupwoche-dus.de/en/ did start and I will join two workshops next week.

  • Startups meet Corporates at FoxBase GmbH on Tuesday
  • Nice new digital workplace at Stepstone GmbH on Friday

Will be interesting and a lot of fun, looking forward to it. Some material to look at:

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire and amateur.” – Red Adair, Birth Date‎: ‎June 18‎, ‎1915, Death Date‎: ‎August 7‎, ‎2004,  https://www.biography.com/people/red-adair-9175385