21. Apr, 2019

The week thirty-six (J2) highlights ...

Happy Easter by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/easter-easter-eggs-smiley-funny-1238540/ 

Besides passing another milestone yesterday and being already ~400 readers higher today, the dominating topic of the past week was the renovation. The painting in 2/3 of the room is done now and tomorrow we can start the preparation to bring the new floor in. As Easter Monday is a bank holiday in Germany no working noise is allowed. We have to wait until Tuesday for using the circular saw, to cut the parquet boards if needed.

We had to split the work in 2/3 and then 1/3, as we need to move the furniture around in the room, there is no space to take it all out 🤔. It is much easier to renovate an empty house, but you cannot always choose the easy way. The same as in the workplace, interesting parallel.

Wish you a happy Easter time and enjoy the long weekend.

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