24. Apr, 2019

Definitely learning by doing ...

Renovation picture by https://pixabay.com/photos/brush-roll-painter-painters-masking-1034901/ 

Day 6 of the renovation holiday project. Today we did move all furniture from the 1/3 to the 2/3 area. Then the carpet was taken out, the floor cleaned from the glue and the ceiling and all remaining walls painted for the first time. There was even time to get rid of the old carpet in the recycling center of our town.

Tomorrow we will do the 2nd painting and prepare the ground to lay the parquet either the same day or on Friday. Getting closer to the end 🤩. The good thing of doing the renovation in different work packages and the split in 2/3 and 1/3 has a high impact on the motivation as well as the learning during the project. 

At the beginning you are fully motivated and have a lot of power to do things, even when it is unfamiliar for you (quickly you are feeling muscles, where you did not even know you had some). You get the larger piece done first, learn a lot by doing and have enough motivation left, to finish the smaller piece in time. Much faster, with more effectiveness and lessons learned in the end.

I knew for example how painful cleaning the floor from the glue is and was happy today that the area was much smaller 👍. So good learning for the job es well. Do the larger piece at the beginning when the motivation is higher, always look for improvements to save time and effort, do a regular lessons learned and make the findings a reality quickly.