21. May, 2019

In a good mood after two exhausting days ...

Get a smile from https://pixabay.com/illustrations/laugh-smile-joy-face-cheerful-881109/ 

1,186 readers to go, get ready guys 🙂.

Back from the 2 day offsite today. A really intensive and exhausting time. But good progress with respect to content, strategy and purpose. In a breakout session today I had the opportunity to work on our team purpose with two other colleagues. We used the model from Simon Sinek that I shared on Sunday. Coming back to the office tomorrow the biggest challenge will be to keep the momentum for a really long time.

Today I finally got the new book from Jurgen Appelo - Startup, Scaleup, Screwup - I did get a discount, as I participated in the Beta version reading and review. Will be interesting to read the whole book and to see which of my comments did make it into the final version, if any 😉. See https://jurgenappelo.com/about/ 

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