26. May, 2019

Quick week forty-one (O2) summary

Thanks to https://www.pentoz.com/ for this nice picture.

Besides passing my latest BLOG milestone yesterday, the main focus is on the results of the European election today. See all details at 


In Germany 2.4 million voters did go away from the two established parties (CDU/CSU and SPD) to the GREEN  ecological party, now with 20+% at the 2nd place. In the voter age group below 60 years they did even reach the 1st place, the voters above 60 years made the difference for the final ranking of the parties.

It is obvious that the climate protection topic was crucial for the results, so Friday for Future and the REZO video definitely had impact on the election today. In the coming weeks we will see, how the election results will have impact on the future policy of the European Community. And the voter turnout was much higher than expected, so the Europeans are still interested in the future of their community 👍.

The one sure way of participating in the process of nation-building is to vote on the election day. Mohit Chauhan, Indian - Musician Born: March 11, 1966