1. Jun, 2019

Ever heard about TRICK ...

Supporting picture by https://pixabay.com/photos/collaboration-collaborator-book-1106196/ 

"Why is kindness so hard? Because we don’t have a word in the English language that expresses happiness when other people succeed—that we don’t have the word shows that we don’t even have the concept." -- Esther Wojcicki,  http://www.moonshotsedu.com/ 

"We truly believe that every child has the right to being taught in a classroom that embodies trust, respect, independence, collaboration and kindess = T.R.I.C.K"

I just did read an interesting article in the FORTUNE magazine - Esther Wojcicki's Secrets for Raising Great Leadershttp://fortune.com/longform/esther-wojcicki-raising-leaders/, a combination of description and interview - worth reading to get a 1st understanding of TRICK, a new approach to teaching and education.

With respect to teaching, some examples 😉:

Being in Silicon Valley makes me strict when it comes to my children's technology use. I am surrounded by it all day, so I try to avoid it when I get home. I set screen-time limits, because I think it's good to diversify activities. Anne Wojcicki, American - Scientist Born: July 28, 1973, Esther Wojcicki's 3rd daughter.