9. Jun, 2019

The week forty-three (R2) summary

Thanks to Lynne Cazaly at https://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=1f90453a11caccc775ef31b3d&id=c38c322dce  from "How 'safe' was that meeting or workshop you were just in?"

A busy week with a lot of project work, a selection of really good quotes and some long-term planning and investment. Luckily we have Whit Monday tomorrow, starting a period of two weeks with just 4 working days.

To establish your own approach, ways of working and set of values, it is always helpful to be open for influences from others, like Lynne Cazaly for today. See more at:

As working on our Ecological Footprint was one of the main topics in the past weeks, here some more or less related articles to check out:

It is the magical partnership of the person with their head in the clouds and the person with their feet on the ground that creates progress. --Simon Sinek https://gumroad.com/l/GoldenCircle