12. Jun, 2019

Options offer opportunities ...

Picture offered by https://pixabay.com/photos/woman-shield-present-choice-2692437/ 

Another 10k readers passed, now we are above 140k in total already. So the next milestone of #144,444 is only 2 weeks away. Just in case you are interested in the competition, get ready shortly. 

The test with my new mobile phone is running smoothly. Ubuntu Touch as operating system is very stable and 2 SIM cards in one phone offer a lot of advantages. To be compliant with the company security guidelines I am still using the other phone sometimes, but it is just running on a data only SIM card.

Last year October I did a workshop in a school near by about the topic of "What can be the consequences of digital transformation for the kids in their future education and life?" As the workshop was very well received by the kids, the school did invite me again for this October, to do the workshop again. Great stuff. If you are interested in the PUG2018 Workshop slides, have a look here https://www.rethinkandfocus.com/435998135 (sorry, slides only in German).

With respect to Options offer opportunities, the ground rule is to be open for any kind of change and to look at different sides of the story. The more you read about the topic or take different opinions about it into consideration, the better are the options that you can select. Some examples below, check it out:

Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s OK. It’s not their journey. It’s yours. Embrace your freedom. ~ Kristen Butler,  https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/kristen-butler.html