16. Jun, 2019

My week forty-four (S2) highlights ...

The every 5 week average of my weekly BLOG readers is at 2,394 now, thanks a lot 👍. Only 3,003 readers to go for the next milestone, what is going to be in the week after next week 🤩.

A lot of stuff was happening in the 4 day work week and it will be the same in the coming week, with a bank holiday on Thursday, Corpus Christi in some areas of Germany, including mine. I am looking foward to the answer of Lynne Cazaly https://www.linkedin.com/in/lynnecazaly/ to my email and post from yesterday.

The last spring week will come with summer temperatures, but some rain and thunderstorms. Below a variety of links and articles to check out during idle time:

And only 3 weeks to go for the 2019 Future of Leadership Salon in Duesseldorf on 04-Jul-2019, see https://www.futureofleadership.salon/