23. Jun, 2019

The week forty-five (T2) summary ...

Combined picture of https://pixabay.com/vectors/numbers-candles-birthday-party-2024504/ and  https://pixabay.com/illustrations/laurel-wreath-anniversary-great-day-441559/ 

A quick discussion with the SimpleSite service desk and all limitations had been released. Even over night, very much appreciated. Only 405 readers to go for the next milestone at #144,444. Get your screenshots ready, if you are interested to join the competition.

Yesterday evening we finally had the 40th anniversary of our 10th Grade graduation with 11 people in total plus one teacher, our former class teacher starting in 6th Grade (1/3 men and 2/3 women). 11 students out of 37 graduates is not so much, but it is difficult to find a common date during the summer period and not everybody was interested to join anyway. So Kudos to the participants for being there and to my wife for organizing the whole event. You always need one person who is taking the initiative.

Everybody who was there yesterday did also finish the school together with us after 13th Grade, so we see each other regularly every 5 years. Nevertheless you directly have connection points and some behaviors of others that you have been used to during the school time is not changing afterwards. e.g. Coming later, talking too much or not a lot, making jokes or no jokes at all, etc. - all positive and likeable over the past 40 years 🤭.

Our teacher retired 10 years ago and is now focussing on chronicles of athletics of the local clubs in our home town, he was sports teacher and athletics trainer before 🤩. 4 - 5 hours effort per day is keeping him busy and active, plus he gets in contact with a lot of people to gather past knowledge and historical photos.

It was a great evening and we now just have to find another reason to meet again before the official reunion in 2022.