26. Jun, 2019

All that Jazz Night ...

Miles Davis by https://pixabay.com/photos/miles-davis-musician-trumpet-607733/ 

All in all a great event, good food, an interesting speech and a nice location, just too hot, but weather was the only variable nobody could influence. And public transport as always. My wife did experience all the bad things an average commuter sees during 2 - 4 weeks in one single trip from our home to Duesseldorf.

Luckily the event location had two mobile air condition systems that did spend some cool air, but only in a 3 meter diameter around the system 🤪.

Host of the night was Flokk https://www.flokk.com/en/global, a company selling business chairs mainly from Sweden. Key note speaker was Dr. Peter Kreuz  https://foerster-kreuz.com/peter-kreuz-en/, who did spend a lot of time with Jazz Music as analogy for business transformation and leadership topics. Some example statements below:

"Do not fear mistakes. There are none." Miles Davis, American - Musician May 26, 1926 - September 28, 1991, https://www.milesdavis.com/