29. Jun, 2019

A successful weekend ..

Guess who did sketch this picture? Tanmay Vora at http://qaspire.com/2015/08/31/skills-for-future-success-in-a-disruptive-world-of-work/

A busy weekend as both daughters have their graduation events and parties at the same weekend. Both seem to have a lot of skills for success already, each ending in the Top 3 students in her school :-)

As parents we did not really control their activities in school or did put pressure on learning, it was more an environment of asking for personal responsibility and showing trust. Seems to work, great girls.

Events always come with speeches, too many, too long, too boring, ... Only some had been remarkable - due to the content, the analogies used or the speaker was suddenly showing an unknown side or capability. More to come tonight ...

To close an opinion from Jack Ma, the head of Alibaba and former English Teacher, about education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (was referenced in a speech yesterday):