4. Jul, 2019

Happy birthday to my BLOG !!!

Happy Anniversary by https://pixabay.com/vectors/linux-tux-anniversary-bird-161107/ 

Just coming back from the Future of Leadership Salon in Duesseldorf https://www.futureofleadership.salon/. I will share a detailed summary in the coming days.

But the main focus of today is the 3rd anniversary of my BLOG 👍. What a great experience, additional motivation and added value for me personally, but also for you guys, when I judge the growing interest in the last years. What started at ZERO back in 04-Jul-2016 had an average of 31 readers/day and 11k readers in total after one year. Now three years later the average readers/day is 135 with a total of 147,793 readers just 5 minutes ago.

Thanks a lot to you guys, as this is all happening without marketing or any professional advertisement. Just your personal recommendations and some sharing of BLOG posts on XING and LinkedIn.

Some Future of Leadership Salon teasers, as prepartion for the full summary:

More details to come shortly, stay tuned ...