5. Jul, 2019

The 2nd Future of Leadership Salon ...

Independence Day on 04-Jul-19 was this years date for "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade". The 2nd Future of Leadership Salon, perfectly prepared and organized by Eve Simon https://www.linkedin.com/in/eve-simon-7378b86/ and her team, and hosted by the Hafas GmbH in their cool location in Duesseldorf https://de.havas.com/havas-dusseldorf/.

See my last year summary in the 29-Jun-18 BLOG post:  https://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/6150900/posting/the-future-of-leadership-salon-my-highlights 

We had a wide variety of impressions during the day. From Digital China, Innovation, Flow and Radical self awareness, via a tasty lunch, an african dance and a mindfulness meditation, to Nomad, Happytalism, Agileocracy and Justdiggit & Raindance. Plus many more ...

One of the guests did summarize the whole day in a freestyle rap, Daniel Jennewein in a sketch note (see my Photo Album for details). Below my key takeaways that only partially can describe the day:

After a quick coverage of the host Havas GmbH:

Lets start with the 2019 Thought Provocateurs and some of their key statements:

 Some more topics to think about or to look at:

 My personal summary:

  • The whole day program did provide enough content for the brain (left and right side), the heart and the gut
  • Take a break to listen to different perspectives – go slower
  • Go for x-functional with respect to culture, age, gender, skills, etc.
  • Start with yourself and then take responsibility for you, family, team, environment, etc.
  • An Evolutionary leader needs / has to:
    • Self reflection
    • Dig deeper
    • Send trust into the organization
    • Take pauses - don't say: "I have no time to sharpen the axe, I have too much trees to cut"
    • Curious skepticism
    • Combine modern and traditional methods
    • Develop yourself before you can develop others

🙂😉🤪   Go slower, to be faster ...    👍