11. Jul, 2019

Do not jump to conclusions too quickly ...

Picture by 邓尧逢 Tang Yau Hoong at  http://tangyauhoong.com/about/ 

This picture is a perfect fit to the story from yesterday - "Spend a little bit more time at the beginning to get the basics right" - why not just looking round the corner broadening your horizon? It does not hurt and has a lot of benefits.

Interested in a quick test? -  Innovators: Are You a Challenger or a Defender? - check this out  https://www.strategy-business.com/feature/Innovators-Are-You-a-Challenger-or-a-Defender. My result was --> You are a CHALLENGER!

Some more or less related materials:

“In origami the first folding should be done very well, so that the paper can stand. So it is in life. The children should receive a good education, because if they do not have a good structure they can not stand upright.” -- Kazuko Horiuchi