30. Jul, 2019

Becoming successful ...

Picture by https://www.pentoz.com/

The kick off meeting did go pretty well yesterday and was very much appreciated by the team. Starting with the skills the team is known for, it is basically all about understanding and leaving the own comfort zone and grow - see  https://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/6724247/posting/comfort-and-fear-going-together 

Everybody in the own speed and with the personal motivation to make a change, if any. Some are faster, others need more time to be successful, see Jack Ma as good example. We are really seeing good results since Monday and are full of hope with a positive outlook.

Besides the willingness to change some personal paradigms and get moving, a basic understanding of service orientation and customer focus will be necessary. There are a lot of models and strategies in this area, a simple easy to understand philosophy is FISH!.

Some other insights that might be helpful as well:

The more you rely/trust and believe in your team and the bigger the investment you make in getting them to their greatness, the larger will be the commitment, engagement, and outright devotion they have when it comes to you. Robin S. Sharma,  https://www.robinsharma.com/